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Presents for the Passionate

Wrap up Christmas and know that the comedy lover in your life is sorted with a gift they will receive month after month.



viz xmas

20% saving on the shop price 


viz xmas

20% saving on the shop price 


Presents for the passionate 

Every month, Viz delivers laughs cover to cover, with regular features

including Roger’s Profanisaurus, Letterbocks, Viz Top Tips and more!





Pick your gift

Choose your gift

Easy and secure, get your Christmas

shopping done in just a few clicks


Show you care

Show you care

You'll receive a card to personalise

and give on Christmas day


Special Delivery

Special delivery

Direct to their door, your loved one will

receive their first issue in January






What will they get?

Viz magazine for either 6 months or 12 months

depending on the package you choose.


Where does it get sent?

Gift subscriptions will be shipped directly to the lucky recipient.

Don’t worry – we won’t let them know it’s coming (we’d hate to ruin the surprise!)


When will it be delivered?

Our Christmas subscriptions start with the first issue in January.

For Viz, this will be the February cover issue posted in January.


How long will a Christmas subscription last?

There are 6 or 12 months subscriptions available depending on the gift you select.


Looking to gift a subscription which starts before January? Gift here